Elton Energy Cooperative

About Us

Elton Energy Cooperative (EEC) was formed in June 2006 by a steering committee to investigate the potential for development of renewable energy resources in the Rural Municipality of Elton, Manitoba.

From the beginning, EEC envisioned communities of Manitoba working together to develop renewable energy. The intent was to pool resources across communities to coordinate these projects with Manitoba Hydro, the Manitoba government, and other communities. This was to be done transparently for the communities, citizens, and investors of Manitoba. Through the ethical values of honesty, openness, social and environmental responsibility, EEC has strived in all its activities to capture true community energy.

In December 2007, EEC initiated a feasibility study into the possibility of building a community based wind project in our region. It was hoped that a project could be designed to take advantage of the recent announcement by the Manitoba Government for the development of 50 MW of community-based power.

Very early in the study, we realized that the definition of community power was an important discussion item. We learned through our research that for community projects to succeed, a new business model would have to be developed that allowed communities to participate independently from the large corporations that have dominated wind development. We felt that communities would receive a much larger share of the benefits if we controlled our own projects. Finally, we felt that communities needed to work cooperatively rather than competitively.

Elton Energy Cooperative

Vision: To develop community-owned renewable energy projects.

Mission: Elton Energy envisions communities in Manitoba working together to develop renewable energy projects. Elton Energy intends to pool resources of knowledge to coordinate these projects with Manitoba Hydro, Manitoba government, and our communities. This will be done in a transparent manner by and for the communities, citizens and investors of Manitoba.

Values: Elton Energy Cooperative believes in the ethical values of honesty, openness, social and environmental responsibility. This will give us the ability to capture community energy.

Noted EEC Project Alliances

EEC has established working network of resources in this project: Ontario Sustainable Energy Association (OSEA), Toronto Renewable Energy Cooperative (TREC), Minnesota Community-Based Energy Development (C-BED), Assiniboine Community College (ACC), and legal and accounting professionals. There is development of community owned wind projects and support of these projects within the State of Minnesota and across Canada. Provincial advisement was obtained through Dena Hunter, Business Development Specialist, Manitoba Agriculture Food and Rural Initiatives, phone 204-522-6147.

Elton Energy Cooperative Board of Directors

  • Dan Mazier (Chair)
  • Earl Van Renselaar (Secretary)
  • Mel Birmingham
  • Ches Bollman
  • Elizabeth Campbell
  • Carl Cunningham
  • Jeremy Timmer
  • Herman Van Den Ham