Elton Energy Cooperative

Met Tower

Our 60-metre meteorological tower, erected in June 2009, collected more than two years of data and was taken down in November 2011. It was located one mile East of Forrest, in the RM of Elton. It was erected by Ontario Wind Smith and the data is being validated by Zephyr North.


Elton Energy Cooperative is committed to developing community-based renewable energy in the Province of Manitoba.

Our Objectives

  1. Support development of a community power program in Manitoba.
  2. Build a two-turbine, 3-5 megawatt, community-owned wind project in the Rural Municipality of Elton.

Our Approach

  1. Work collaboratively with communities throughout Manitoba to develop an appropriate Community Power Investment Model.
  2. Engage Manitoba Hydro and the Government of Manitoba in order to deploy a meaningful community power program in Manitoba.
The information on this web site describes our ideas and our progress.

Our Project Status

As of early 2012, we have completed phase 1 activities associated with our project as shown below. We are progressing to phase 2 activities. Because the province does not have a formal community power program, we are working with the provincial government to allow our project and others like it to proceed.

Community Power Investment Model

Our Model

Click on our model shown below for more information.

Community Power Investment Model